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June Pelo
31-07-13, 21:52
Where is Högbacka, Finland? I don't find it listed in HisKi... Google says it's in Western Finland. What parish does it belong to?

31-07-13, 22:51
There is a village named Högbacka in Pörtom.

Jaska Sarell
31-07-13, 22:58
Högbacka is very common farm name, MapSite lists only one as a village or district name, in Nykarleby:

:) Jaska

June Pelo
31-07-13, 23:54
Thanks to both of you... I'm beginning to think it's the one in Nykarleby based on other data sent to me from Finland. I've noticed that people in Finland assume we who live elsewhere know where places are.. :) When my relatives send me data, they just include the city or village name.. assuming that I know where it is. At one time I prepared a list of all the farms and villages in the Österbotten parishes.. but it is evidently misfiled and I can't find it :(