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June Pelo
01-08-13, 00:54
No friend have I except hardtack made of rye.
It is my faithful love from cradle to heaven above.
"Knäcke Brod" thou art dearer than gold,
More priceless than blood.
Superb -- lovely-- thou doth bewitch me,
With tears of joy I greet thee.

Originally published in 1928. This verse has been enjoyed by many folks who are familiar and love hardtack - like so many fullblooded Scandinavians do.
Submitted by Marita Agnew, the Leading Star.

Our family also loved hardtack and always had some in the cupboard.. we bought the round ones like those that were kept on a pole in the kitchens of homes in Finland... does anyone remember buying them... they were in a paper wrapper? Delicious with lots of butter...

Karen Norwillo
01-08-13, 15:56
My paternal grandmother's home in Finland still had the poles when I visited in 2004. Home still occupied by relatives.
My Finnish grandparents always had hardtack. My Dad loved it.

June Pelo
01-08-13, 16:56
When my father was growing up in Finland, he said their kitchen had a pole with hardtack on it. He would reach up and break off a piece and eat it with butter. And we've been eating it at our house ever since I can remember. We used to make it some times. I've also put peanut butter or jam on it... it's good no matter what you put on it. :)

02-08-13, 04:17
Nice to see that Marita is still around... she was a good friend when they lived in my area and we all were Runeberg Lodge members down here, I suppose she's in the Puget Sound area these days?

She was born in Kronoby.

June Pelo
02-08-13, 04:24
Do you take The Leading Star newspaper? It's about the various Runeberg lodges... she belongs to one of them and seems to be quite active. I happen to write the Genealogy Corner for the paper.. :)

02-08-13, 04:29
We aren't members any longer. For several years, my sister still bought the subscription to Ledstjärnan, but after she passed away, things just sort of went by the wayside.

June Pelo
02-08-13, 14:27
Leading Star/Ledstjärnan has new editors and a new format and is published quarterly. It carries Lodge news and pictures, obits, genealogy, recipes, news about Finland, etc. Editors are Dale and Mary Lou Hjort, e-mail: d.mlhjort*juno.com