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June Pelo
03-08-13, 17:08
Nokia unveiled a new smartphone Lumia 1020 on July 11. It runs on the Windows operating system, and boasts the brand's only 41 megapixel camera. It will be sold with a two-year contract through AT&T Inc., and will later be available in Europe and China.

Southwest Finnish police have mown down 4 pot farms in the past few days in Turku and neighboring areas. Police said the cultivation of cannabis is on the increase in Finland. Police believe there are many more farms, but they are difficult to catch. They are often on the edges of fields and ditches (same as what happens in Florida).

A total of 9,635 foreigners from non-EU and EEA countries applied for residency permits between January and June. Russians formed the majority, followed by Indians and Chinese.

Recycling is big among Finland residents. More than 90% of bottles are either recycled for reuse or reclaimed for raw material. Plastic bottles and cans are recycled with a return rate of more than 90%. Beverage cans are returned at a rate of about 40 every second, 3.2 million every day. The cans recycled in 2012 alone would form a line reaching more than three times around the globe. About 50,000 tons of glass is recycled, equaling five Eiffel Towers.

FAR, August 2013