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13-02-04, 07:33
Biography : english by birth, dutch by marriage
Location : The Netherlands
Interests : genealogy, handicrafts, cross stitch, snooker
Occupation : retired
Researching surnames : Rosman
Researching places/parishes : Pori province, Turku, Laitila

Gunnar Damström
13-02-04, 20:31
Wellcome on board, Sylvia! There were numerous Rosman soldiers (soldat), reserv soldiers and mounted soldiers (dragon) living in Åbo and Björneborg provinces in the 1700s according to Hiski. Probably they were members of the Åbo Kavalleriregemente or Björneborgs Infanteriregemente. These were regiments of the Swedish "allotted" army. If these Rosmans are your relatives, you may be able to obtain information about their origianl names etc. from the Swedish militay archives. Rosman sounds like a typical "assigned" military name.

Gunnar Damström

17-02-04, 21:01
... and I thought you were living in Finland. Just goes to show how misleading e-mails can be! Anyway many thanks for your info on my family Rosman. My maiden name was actually Rosman. My grandfather had the Russian nationality and still cannot make out what faith he had. My father (his son) had Church of England faith but his brother was a Catholic. Because my grandfather was Russian I had thought that he may be from the Russian Orthodox Church. I had also an inkling of Jewish nationality. I still am anxious to contact any living Rosman relatives who may have old photos of my grandfather or any letters he sent home to Finland. After all it's not so long ago and I want to add them to my history book. Any suggestions. I've got to get used to this site. Will take a while to find myself around. Greetings, Sylvia

Gunnar Damström
18-02-04, 06:06
Take into account that any person born and living in Finland before 1917 was legally designated a Finnish Citizen, Russian subject (finsk medborgare, rysk undersåte). I checked the Helsingfors phone directory- there is just one famliy Rosman living in the Helsingfors region.


18-02-04, 20:21
You really are well informed on the Fins, and that you can speak the language is a real help. I thought Helsingfors was in Sweden, but now am not sure on reading your message. Which Rosman is in Helsingfors? We are not such a large family!

Gunnar Damström
18-02-04, 23:04
I am proud to be a Finn. Here is the address to the Helsingfors Rosmans:

Veikko and Salme Rosman
Sateenkaari 3 B
02100 Espoo

Small World- my inlaws live on Sateenkaari 3, too.

19-02-04, 20:57
Once again many thanks for your prompt reply. Will contact these Fins soon and let you know in due course. May take a while as I have a few other things to catch up on. Genealogy seems to take a large slice out of my days - or nights - and have been neglecting other things.