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June Pelo
10-08-13, 21:06
I have a request for help as follows.. can anyone find something about Nils in the US?

Nils Magnus Nilsson, b 19/8 1878 in Attmars församling Sweden emigrated to US 8/7 1903 from Sweden/Attmar.

How can I find info about Nils' family in the US?
We don't have any real dokuments of his family, just a photo with some text.

11-08-13, 14:46
This looks like him...naturalized US Citizen who lived in Cleveland, OH; but died and was buried in Attmars Cemetery, Sweden.

11-08-13, 15:15
Nils Magnus Nelson, born 19.8.1878, WWI Draft Registration. He was a bricklayer employed with Diamond Alkalai Company, living in Cleveland and apparently unmarried.

Magnus Nelson, age 41, born Sweden, a bricklayer in Cleveland, 1920 US Census

June Pelo
11-08-13, 15:44

Thanks for all that good information.. I had told Mikael that Magnus probably took the name Nelson in the US.. I won't have to translate anything for him.. he speaks Swedish. I may have to explain what a 'roomer' is, but he will probably know about the Forslund name, etc.