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Karen Douglas
14-02-04, 15:57
Speaking of automobiles, does anyone have a connection to a REO? If so, I would be interested in hearing from you. This summer, there will be a three-day celebration in Lansing, Michigan to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the REO Motor Car Company. Although the company closed its doors in 1975, the REO spirit continues to live in the memories of former employees, their families and friends and the REO Club of America. REO was started in 1904 by Ransom Eli Olds, a Lansing inventor who was one of the early pioneers in automotive history. In 1897, he established the Olds Motor Vehicle Company, the forerunner of "Oldsmobile." Many Scandinavians worked for REO, including my Swede-Finn father who devoted 37 years of his life to the company. Interestingly, Lansing is also the home to several other companies founded by Scandinavians - including Lindell Drop Forge and Olofsson Tool and Die. Karen