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June Pelo
16-08-13, 17:38
Is there anyone on the Forum who is familiar with the history of Ludington, MI as it was in the early 1900s? My grandparents lived there in the late 1890s, and I recall they lived for a while on Danaher St... but most of the old-timers I knew have long passed away... and the young people have no recollection of Finntown. I have the following query:

When Finn Town in Ludington was "dismantled" many families took the lumber from structures there for their new homes and the lumber from the Finn Town "social" hall was used for a house on Danaher St. Do you know of this re the "social" hall and a house on Danaher St.? If it did happen, would you know the address of the house? or where we might check to see if this really happened.

28-08-13, 04:45
I asked a Michigan friend, here's what he provided:

Have you tried some of the links here http://ludingtonmichigan.net

there are 1904 maps of Ludington with Danaher St on pages about 10-14 in this book http://archive.org/details/3927862.0001.001.umich.edu

If you have names and they were there in 1900, sometimes the 1900 census listed street names and cross streets in the margin and there may be city directories from that era.