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Bob Ojala
15-02-04, 02:19
I remember over a year back, someone asking for info on their relative from Loviisa, that was a seaman who had been working on board the S/S Toivo in the 1800's.

My friend and sea Captain in Loviisa has informed me that the newspaper in Loviisa recently had a whole page article about Capt Carl Evert Stenius from Loviisa, who had been working on board that ship. It seems to be that the Maritime Museum of Loviisa has quite good records of the sailors and ships having connections with Loviisa.

Anyone wanting information, contact me and I'll put you in touch with my Captain friend Esa Anttio, in Loviisa.

Bob Ojala

22-03-04, 19:23
Scrolling the list i found your intresting offer.
I have an ancestor who bacame a seacaptain. Born in Lovisa 7/11 1846 Johan Edward Ström (before 1880 JE Karlsson). Resident of Lovisa to 1906, when he moved to Helsingfors.
I know he sailed the seven seas and in the 1880-1890-ties he was a skipper on the Wolga.
It would be thrilling to get more knowledge of his voyages and ships if possible.

Bob Ojala
29-03-04, 03:03

I have forwarded your message to my sea-captain friend in Loviisa.

Please send me your E-Mail address privately at bobojala%40comcast.net
and I will respond to you privately, when I receive my friend's reply.


Bob Ojala: