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30-08-13, 18:25
I am interested to have information about L. Harald Kjellstedt, living in Scranton, PA
Birthday and place.


Karen Norwillo
01-09-13, 18:33
Lars Harald Kjellstedt is found in Scranton from 1892 to 1910. His wife and son are there so far until 1920. I haven't looked beyond as yet. He was born about 1860-61 in Sweden according to 1910 Census. He emigrated around 1890. I will try to find a more accurate date. His wife was Majken born about 1866 in Sweden. Their son Sven was born NY abt 1903. Harald is found as Lars and as Harold/Harald. He starts out as a draughtsman (draftsman) and was later as principal of a School of Drawing. He is found on the church records of St John's Lutheran Church in Scranton. I will see what more I can find for you. 1910 census attached.

Karen Norwillo
01-09-13, 20:08
According to records of the International Correspondence Schools (ICS) in Scranton, Lars Harald Kjellstedt taught drawing. Lists his credentials as Government Technical School, Boras, Sweden.
There were other Kjellstedt listed at the same address as him in various years. Evalina Charlotta Johansson Kjellstedt was found as EC Kjellstedt, Evaline Kjellstedt. She is listed as a teacher. There is a person same name on Swedish Births born 13 Nov 1860 in Finnerödja, Örebro. I don't know if this is her. There is a Mary Kjellstedt, who may be Majken??
According to a family tree on Ancestry.com, Lars Harald died 13 Sept 1918 in Scranton. Also says Sven Harald born 25 Mar 1903 in Binghamton, Broome, NY and died 11 Jan 1987 in Fort Myers, Lee, FL.

Karen Norwillo
02-09-13, 01:35
From an answer to my query on Anbytärforum, a Lars Kjellstedt was born 1/12/1864 in Borås, Älvsborg. He emigrated 5/21/1889. Father listed as Lars Kjellstedt 1828 Svanskog. Also a sister Hedvig Evangelina 1860 in Borås.
On that 1910 census, I don't understand the Karen age 10 who is listed as a daughter. Says born in Sweden, US 1906. Lars and Majken married 15 years, both once. It would make their marriage abt 1895.

Karen Norwillo
02-09-13, 02:13
I found the matching birth for Lars Harald Kjellstedt 12 Jan 1864 in Borås in the Swedish Birth records. Also an emigration record for Hedvig E Kjellstedt age 40 from Borås on 25 Apr 1901 to NY. I'm wondering if that EC Kjellstedt is actually Hedvig. I also found on a marriage record of son Sven on 15 Aug 1922 in Ohio that Majken's surname is given as Lilliesterna. Sven married a Dorothea Esther Goben.

02-09-13, 07:16
Thank you Karen, this was inreresting information. I known Harald Kjellstedt was a American representative for The Philatelic Society of Sweden..
Possibly was Kjellstedt a Stamps Dealer.

Karen Norwillo
02-09-13, 17:56
I will check that information. There is no mention of Lars Harald being a stamp dealer in his information in Scranton.

Karen Norwillo
02-09-13, 18:22
L Harald Kjellstedt was indeed the International Secretary of the American Philatelic Society. His address is given as 1026 Woodlawn Ave. Scranton, which matches his address. This does not neccesarily mean he was a dealer.

Karen Norwillo
02-09-13, 20:41
I submitted a request to the Archives librarian of the APS (American Philatelic Society) for a possible obituary of LHK. I noticed in issues of their magazine online, that many prominent members of the society had long articles of their passing. I am hoping that his is there. I did find him mentioned frequently in their journals, as late as 1917. I couldn't find a 1918 edition online. He died Sept 1918 according to that family tree I found. I'll let you know.

Karen Norwillo
05-09-13, 04:18
I heard back from the APS and they will do a search for information and let me know what they find. I'm hoping there's an article to note his passing in 1918.

Karen Norwillo
16-09-13, 20:09
Attached are two articles from APS about Mr Kjellstedt.

18-09-13, 09:35
I am very thankful for your help to find information about L.Harald Kjellstedt- Many Thanks!