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Ingemar Ekman
31-08-13, 17:35
I have ordered and received the comprehensive and illustrative book "The Liipola Family" published 2013 by Mikko Ruutu in Helsinki, total 96 pages with many old family photos, including scanned old letters and postcards.

Mikko Ruutu found in 2012 my old posts in Finlander from 2004 "Ålanders in USA" where my grandfather's 2nd cousin Berndt Lundén (1873-1959) with roots from Föglö Åland was mentioned and married to Rauha Liipola (1877-1957) from Koski , SW Finland. They lived in Norwood, MA and I could give Mikko some addresses in the United States to their descendants, who I met in May 2000 in San Francisco.

Jaska Sarell
31-08-13, 21:19
Interestingly Rauha Maria Liipola is my fourth cousin four times removed :cool:

:) Jaska

Ingemar Ekman
31-08-13, 22:56
Hi Jaska, It means that we have several common distant cousins ​​in the U.S! / Ingemar

Jaska Sarell
01-09-13, 00:13
Small world!
Rauha had many interesting sibblings, like sculptor Yrjö Liipola.
While my Swedish Finn FFF came south from Purmo, his mother-in-law was from Koski, including Liipola ancestors.

:) Jaska