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16-02-04, 02:07
I am looking for my grandfather's oldest brother who immigrated from Kurikka, Finland and was living in Hibbing, Minnesota in 1920.
Juho Jaakko, he called himself Jussi(maybe later John) b 3 Aug. 1876 and emigrated to the USA about 1902 with wife, Naimi, and child, Tyyne Aurora
In 1920, he had 6 girls and l boy and lived at ???465 Hibbing, Minn. and was a carpenter.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Karen Norwillo
16-02-04, 21:16
Dorothy, On Ancestry.com, I found in the Minnesota Death Index 1908-2002, a John Maenpaa, born 08/03/1877 and died 05/04/1964 in Beltrami, MN. State file #000825. Mothers maiden name..unknown. In the 1930 census, I found a John Maenpaa on 7th Ave. in Hibbing, St. Louis county, MN. Age 54, est. DOB 1875. He is listed as a carpenter, married with 2 daughters at home. Wife's name looks like Lena, daughter's names look like Martha, age 14 and Wilma, age 19. That's with 100% magnification. Ellis Island lists 177 Maenpaa, 7 of them Juho, but none fit the date of 1902. Karen

19-02-04, 21:37
Hi Karen, thanks for the info. It sounds like the John Maenpaa in Hibbing, 54 in 1930 could be my relative. Born in 1876 , he would be the right age and he was a carpenter. In 1920 when he wrote his sister, his two older daughters, Tyyne and Enni that were born in Finland were married. He had 6 girls and l boy, perhaps the other 2 girls and boy had moved away from home as well. Don’t know about the wife’s name Lena maybe Naimi changed her name?? I too checked the Ellis Island file looking for the family with no luck. Do you have any idea how large Hibbing would have been at that time? Would an earlier census tell us more? How would I access a 1920 census? I am knew to genealogy and not sure of the ropes. Thanks again, Dorothy

23-02-04, 00:25
I have just found out from a relative in Finland that John Maenpaa’s daughter Tyyne Aurora born 18 Sept.1900 in Laihia, Finland died on May 20,1965 in MN USA. This info was found in the Laihia Parish records. Would this information be of any help in my search for my grandfather’s brother and his family ?


23-02-04, 06:03
Hi Dorothy,
Here is the listing for Tynne Aurora from the MN Death Index.
Date of Birth: 09/18/1900
Place of Birth: OUT OF STATE
Mother Maiden Name:UNKNOWN
Date of Death: 05/20/1965
County of Death: ST. LOUIS
I'm also including the site should you want to try to search for more family members. It can be searched by Surname,Given name or mothers maiden name (although this information is often not completed), year of death or even county.

On the Heritage Quest cd Scandinavians in the 1910 Federal Census I found in MN a John Maenpaa whose age is shown as 29 b. Fin St Louis County,1-WD Ely T624-roll 722 part 2 229 A. Age doesn't match but possibly worth a look. Altogether 15 Maenpaa entries - six Johns and two with J as second initial. All found in MA, MI, OH, OR, WI or WY and aged between 24 and 55.


25-02-04, 00:20
Thanks Jeanette for your help, I tried Heritage Quest for the 1910 Census to check out the John Maenpaa age shown as 29, it could be a misprint and actually be 24 . I was unable to access the Census to check out the other members of the family. Do I need to subscribe to a program in order to access this info? Dorothy

27-02-04, 10:52
Hi Dorothy,
The information on the HQ cd works like an index, telling you on which page of the actual census to find the person. You would either have to subscribe or ask for a lookup quoting the information. Perhaps a kind hearted member will look up the image for you.

I have found an excellent site which may be very useful to you
St Louis County MN GenWeb site
It has a death index for the county from 1870-2000. and a birth index from 1859-1900.
A link to 'Cities villages, townships and mines' and
towards the bottom of the links is a 'Volunteer Lookups Available' link which has an offer to lookup Federal Census Records.

Hope this helps you.

Karen Norwillo
27-02-04, 17:56
I looked at the 1910 census for Ely, St Louis county and on line 34 of sheet 9A of Enumeration District 198 is Maenpaa, John, head,male, white, age 24, it looked like 29, but with magnification, it's 24, married 1(means 1st marriage) 0 yrs (newly married) place of birth Finland, same for father and mother, emigrated 1900, naturalized,language spoken Finnish, laborer in iron mine, able to read and write.
on line 35 is ?Jennie, wife, F, W, age 23, M1, 0yrs, no children, born Mich. parents Finland, speaks English, able to read and write. There's a smudge over her first name, but with magnification, it looks like Jennie. Census was done on Apr. 23, 1910. The street name looks like Harvey Street. Hope this helps.

28-02-04, 02:33
Maybe seeing the image will help. I noticed the mother in law is also living with the family. It might help to confirm/disregard the family.

28-02-04, 02:33
Hi Dorothy,
I don't know whether you saw this link Kevin Paavola posted in another thread.

He wrote "Please have a look at this link. It is part of the Iron World Research Center. I have used them in the past to obtain copies of my great grandfather's naturalization papers. I believe the cost was $10.00USD. They accept credit cards for payment.

They were VERY helpful and very friendly. Hopefully it will work out for you!"


I'm hoping it will be useful to you too.


28-02-04, 02:36
Jeanette's one step ahead of me! :)

I think I saw on their site that they will search death records as well. With the info Jeanette provided you previously it would be very simple for them to find!

29-02-04, 00:20
Thanks Jeanette , Karen and Kevin,
You all have given me a lot of info and sites to help me on my search. I will have to discount the John Maaenpaa , newly wed with wife Jenny and no children on the 1910 Census as my John Maaenpaa would be 34 in 19l0 and would have immigrated after Sept 1900 as his daughter Tyyne Aurora was born in Laihia Finland on the 18th Sept. 1900 . He immigrated with wife, Naimi Eliisa (Nyman) and two daughters Tynne and Enni around 1902