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Ilpo K.
06-09-13, 10:14
May Lydia Isaacson was born in Canada 1910. Her parents were Isaac Isaacson and Lydia, née Levo. Later family moved to Portland, Oregon. May was an evangelist and worked also as missionary in India in 1930ies. She returned to USA 1936. After that I know only that she visited Finland in 1950ies as William Branham’s interpreter.

I hope someone could add my knowledge. Did she get married? Where and when did she die?

I am asking this because I am collecting information about my grandmother’s cousin, who worked in India for 35 years. As a part of the project, I’m trying to find out the basic facts about her most important fellow workers. May was one of them.

Ilpo K.

06-09-13, 14:25
Family Group Sheet from Ancestry.com

06-09-13, 14:32
Google Search:


And the daughter is identified by name...

Ilpo K.
06-09-13, 19:19
Many thanks to BessemerFinn! I really appreciate this.