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06-09-13, 18:31
I would like to know what it says on the last person last 2 columns. I know one is the date but what does it mean, death or move?

Hasse Andtbacka
06-09-13, 19:20
Afflyttat till GKarleby med attest n:o 40, moved to Gamlakarleby (Kokkola) with attest number 40.

Jaska Sarell
06-09-13, 19:33
afflyttad till GKarleby med attest No 40 - 16/11 1878
moved to Gamlakarleby with certificate Nr 42

He cannot be found in Kokkola (Gamlakarleby) moving-in records, but instead in Kaarlela (Karleby) records. This is rather common confusion :confused:
November 27, record Nr 54: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=18158&pnum=15
Seems to go to page 207: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=17910&pnum=212
The journey goes on with incomplete year entry and unclear (for me anyway) destination...

:) Jaska

08-09-13, 17:30
Thanks for your help!

08-09-13, 19:22
Hello everybody!

It might have slipped your attention that Erik Eriksson Mäkelä can be found one more time on the page 207: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/kaarlela/rippikirja_1873-1882_mko187-201/kuvat/212.jpg! We find him on the second last row. From there it becomes obvious that the incomplete year entry mentioned earlier is '1880' and the comment is 'Står nedan' = 'Is to be found below'.

Obviously, Erik Eriksson was married to Johanna Johansdotter born in Karleby (?) on 18th of January 1858. The marriage took place on 26th of September 1880. One week later the newly wed couple moved to America!

Göran Kuhlberg