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Gunnar Damström
16-02-04, 06:07
In the next issue of the Quarterly, the Swedish Finn Historical Society magazine we feature a travel report by Valentin Tinnis whose father was born in Gammalsvenskby in the Ukraine and escaped from Kronstadt to Finland across the forzen Gulf of Finland in 1921; another by Axel Lindström who was born on Dagö, Estonia and escaped to Finland 1944 across the treacherous Baltic Sea. Attached is a short introduction to the history of the Dagö and Ormsö Swedes and the 1781-1782 exodus to Gammalsvenskby.

The Quarterly is run entirely by voluntary means. We receive support for printing and postage from PEMCO Insurance Co. and Svenska Folkskolans Vänner. Your SFHS membership dues goes primarily to maintaining a unique archive that cronicles the exodus of some 50,000 Swede Finns to the New World, mostly in the 1880- 1913 time period.


Gunnar Damström
17-02-04, 01:19
I did not have much luck attaching the file last night but here it is (I hope)

24-04-04, 09:43
The article Gunnar mentioned is within the Delphi collection on the SFHS web site accessible at this page (http://delphi.eget.net/index.php?The SFHS Quarterly)

The collection will contain more articles in electronic format as soon as I can get the hold of the material and when I get the time to do the work. Or is there anybody volonteering to help out entering the articles?