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June Pelo
14-09-13, 01:23
I just heard that Ray Dolby had died at age 80; he suffered from Alzheimer's. He revolutionized sound reproduction through the music and film industries. We've all heard of the Dolby digital surround sound. When you sit in the movie theater, or before the TV set to enjoy your favorite film, or use the CD-player in the car, or listen to a music program on the radio, you come in contact with Dolby’s life’s work. Ray Dolby was born in Portland, Oregon in 1933. His family came from Terjärv and Kaustby. Some of us on Finlander are related to Ray: he was my 6th cousin, plus 88 other links. I know he was also related to Hasse Nygård and Ilmari Kivinen as 6th cousin twice removed. And I know there are others who are related to him. There will probably be more news about him tomorrow.

14-09-13, 09:29
Thanks for pointing that out, June. Yes, I knew he died, and I knew he was from my home town, but it's always fun to find out that folks are distantly related too.