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16-02-04, 08:59
My name is Robin Vendelin and I am a novice to genealogy. My cousin has been researching our family for years and now we are interested in learning more about my husband's family, the Vendelins. My husband's grandfather, Jakob Vendelin, was born in Isokyrö and came to the US from Karstula in about 1898 although we have not been able to find out how he came here. My husband's grandmother, Amalia Johansdotter Finström, was born in Alahärmä and came to the US via Ellis Island in 1900. They met sometime after that, married in California, began a family and eventually lived in Portland, OR, where my husband's father was born.

Thanks to some wonderful folks in Finland we have learned quite a bit about Amalia's family as well as receiving some great information about Jakob's first wife, Hilma Maria Vink, her family and their son, Jaako Ilmari Vendelin. We know that Jakob's parents were Mathias Johansson Wendelin and Margareta Jakobsdotter Perttilä but little else. We are eager to learn more. Someday I'd love to travel to Finland with my husband and meet the family that lives there. I've heard nothing but great things about visiting Finland.

Robin Vendelin

16-02-04, 13:56
Hello and Welcome Robin,
Although new to genealogy I'm hoping you know about
The Genealogical Society of Finland site.
Within this fabulous site is a link to another excellent resource The Finnish Institute of Migration
http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/migration/ml/asp/search_e.asp [url]
This site is searchable for passport records, passenger records and a growing reference section.
If you were to select "Search in Passport Records"
then type in Wendelin and not complete any other fields
2 pages of Wendelin names would come up.
Of those 2 people show home parish as Karstula
Jakob b. 1876 passport issued 13 May 1899
and Jaakko Ilmaari b. 1899 pass. iss. 1909
If you click on Jakobs surname his passport details will be displayed which can be printed. Very good explanations are available by clicking on underlined words. The site has excellent instructions in English and is easy to use. Repeat this process in each of the sections. A name listed in the passport records section doesn't guarantee a listing in the passenger section and visa versa. Sometimes you might be lucky.Full names aren't required to search.

I hope this site will help you a little in your quest.:)
Happy searching.

18-02-04, 05:08
Thank you, Jeanette. I checked out the site to which you directed me, found the entries you mentioned and was gratified to find a record for Hilma also. Apparently she came to the US some three years before Jaako followed in the company of one of her family members.

With regards to Jakob, there is a story in the family that he came to the US via Canada. Do you know if Canada has a similar site?

Thanks again for the help and the welcome,


18-02-04, 05:31
Karen my knowledge of Canadian sites is virtually non existent but the National Archives has a very good site.
Again by working your way in all is well signposted.
Should you choose in the Research section the Archivia Net option 10 years of immigration records are searchable online. Going to Genealogy then immigration
descriptions of all the years held by the archives which ports etc from 1865-1935 and how to instructions.

Hoping this will also be of some help.


18-02-04, 18:04
Hi, Robin,

Welcome on board!


22-02-04, 08:08
Hi Robin,

I looked at Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census cd by Heritage Quest and it appears that Jakob is listed on it as
Vendelin John age 33 b. Fin State OR County Clatsop Locality Warrenton T624 - 1278 part 2 page 316 B

Looking at the original census will show you if the family has been reunited by this time.
Hilmas relative was still located in Fitchburg at the time of the census.Census details available.
I found 3 other Finnish born Wendelins John 30 in Essex MA , and Mauritz 31 and Maria 31 in Westmoreland PA,
and 3 Swedish born Wendelins in MN, ND and NH.
Census location information is available about these people should you wish it.

22-02-04, 17:16
This John is a single laborer who immigrated in 1903.