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16-02-04, 09:24
I am looking for information about the families of my husband's ggrandfather and ggrandmother, Matthias Johansson Wendelin and Margareta Jakobsdotter Perttilä. They married in Isokyrö on June 2, 1872, and my husband's grandfather, Jakob Vendelin, was born there on September 1, 1876.

I am a newcomer to genealogy and would welcome any suggestions or tips on resources. I've poured over the HisKi site but can't figure out how to identify the parents of Matthias or Margareta. Any help would be appreciated.

Finally, I received an email from Antti Poikonen regarding parish records for Karstula which is where Jakob was living before he emigrated. The message from Antti Poikonen arrived, however, without the attachment that was indicated. I tried to reply but the message bounced back. Does anyone know Antti Poikonen?


16-02-04, 16:13
Hi Robin,

Did you see this birth record from HisKi? Of course we can't be certain this is your Matts but it certainly warrants further investigation.

"14.12.1845 14.12.1845 Wend. Ala Wendä Inh. Joh. Jak.s. Wendä Lisa Mattsd:r 35 Matts "

I would suggest visiting a local Family History Center (%40 a Mormon Church). There you can order the microfilm/microfiche of the communion books or births/marriages/deaths books. The films generally cost about $3.50 for about 4 weeks usage. Once you locate your ancestor(s) then it is a fairly easy process to research further.

Kaj Granlund
16-02-04, 18:15
You do know that the Johansson - means the Son of Johan and
Jakobsdotter is the daughter of Jakob?
At that time in Finland it was really what the name also stood for. So Johan and Jakob are at least the names of their fathers.

18-02-04, 04:52
Thank you so much for the replies. I appreciate the help very much.