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Received this information - maybe impossible to resolve his real identity?

John William Thompson

- was born approx 1850 in Russia
- father's name Oscar, mother's Maria (Mary, according to the marriage
- father high-ranking military officer durin tsar Nikolai I
- whole family was killed, John survived because his nurse Julia got him out of

- came to Finland with Julia
- was adopted to Swedish (or Swedish speaking Finnish) family in Finland
- Geoff was either John's real surname or the surname of the adopted family
(Geoff does not sound either Finnish or Swedish surname)

- left Finland at the age of 9, on a cargo ship
- worked in ships all over the world
- took a dead sailor's name

- came to USA in his early 20's
- met his first wife (unknown?), got two children - all died of TB
- married Kaisa Vahtola, got 12 children - two of them Julia Feodarowna Thompson - Victor Romanoff Thompson
- death 1918 in Joyce, Clallam, Washington, USA

All papers known to contain his history and background were burned when the ranch-house burned down. This information based on one uncle and cousin to whom grandmother Kaisa told the story.

Kaisa Vahtola (Whatola, Wahtala, Katherine). Birth February 6, 1867 in Pudasjärvi, Finland – parents Oskar Gabriel Vahtola (1837) and Kaisa Juhontytär Saarikoski (1827-1874). Kaisa moved to USA 1892, married John William Thompson March 1, 1893. Death December 22, 1952 in Port Angeles, Clallam, Washington.


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Again more info from States "His name might have been Yahlmer Geoff born December 1853-55 in Helsinki. (No name or country of origin are listed on his naturalization record here)."

Yahlmer Geoff? Georgieff? Maybe Orthodox?