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16-02-04, 09:37
I received an email from one Antti Poikonen with the indication that there was an attachment but there was none for me to access. When I tried to respond, the message bounced back. If someone could tell me what the message said perhaps I can get some idea about how to get more info. The online translation I tried was woefully incomplete. I promise to go get a dictionary soon. Here is the message:

Kirjasta "Kirkonkirjat paikallisyhteisön kuvaajina" yhden sivun tiivis=
Karstulan, Saarijärven, Pylkönmäen ja Kivijärven seurak=
untien perustamis-
vuosista ja asikirjojen olemassaolosta.
Julkaisu: Jyväskylän Historiallinen Arkisto vol. 2. Jyväskyl=
ä 1996

Finnish appendix is compress text parish of Central Finland: Karstula,

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.


Nyberg Ernst
16-02-04, 16:12
Karstula parish, comments to rrvendelin:

The main content of the message you wanted to have translated is: In the book "Kirkonkirjat paikallisyhteisön kuvaajina" (How the church books describe the lokal society), there is a paga with a table with the columns Parish, Communion books, Childrens´books, Christened, Married, Burried, Certificates for moving, Moved, and then the yers from which each book is available.

For Karstula the books are available as follows:
Communion books: 1782...1860
Childrens` books: 1815...1860
Christened: 1793...1886
Married: 1794...1871
Burried: 1793...1888
Certificates for moving: 1783...1925
Moved: 1841...1860

I do not know your original question and thus I do not know if this is the information you was looking for.

Kind regards
Ernst Nyberg

18-02-04, 04:59
Thanks so much for the translation. Unfortunately, I don't know what the original question was either. I don't know who Antti Poikonen is or how I came to receive the message. I am guessing that a query posted on some genealogical site by my cousin was being answered and the answer got sent to me. If the attachment had made it through it would probably make sense. As it is, it sounds like it could be a description of parish records but not the contents of the records.

In any case, thank you very much for helping me with the translation.