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Plain Ann
26-09-13, 13:48
I have found information on all branches of my father’s family except for the family of his father’s mother (Hedvig Mattstytar Ojala b. 4 Feb 1825, d.15 May 1885 in Jalasjarvi.)

Hedvig's father was Matts Henriginpoika Ojala (A note on the record says “Walli Ojala’s Torppa”). He was born in 1790 in Orivesi, and died 3 Apr 1835 in Jalasjarvi.

Her mother was Maria Carlsintytar Leppakoski, who was born 22 Dec 1793 Jalasjarvi, and died in 1830 in Jalasjarvi.

Except for Hedvig’s siblings, that is where paper trail of this Ojala family ends…

Does anyone have an idea?

Judy Luoma

Jorma Penttinen
20-01-14, 15:18
Hi Judy, I found just now your searching, are you still waiting for a reply or have you got information of Hedvig siblings?

Plain Ann
21-01-14, 10:21
Jorma, I am still waiting...

Jorma Penttinen
21-01-14, 16:55
Jorma, I am still waiting...

Hedvig's family:
Matti Henriksson Ojala tenant farmer in Walli was born 1790 in Orivesi died April, 4, 1835 Jalasjärvi
wife Maria Carl's daughter was born 1793 in Leppikoski died May 10, 1830 Jalasjärvi
Samuel Matti'son was born January 12, 1823 died June 7, 1823 Jalasjärvi
Lovisa Matti's daughter was born January 12, 1823 twins
Hedvig Matti'daughter was born February 4, 1825
Ulrica Matti's daughter was born December 9, 1826 died February 1, 1829 Jalasjärvi, Walli
Jonas Matti'son was born May 20, 1829 Jalasjärvi died Marrch 5, 1830 Jalasjärvi, Walli
I will search what happened to Lovisa and I let you know. What else you would like to know?

21-01-14, 19:47
At the bottom of this page you see the family:


Jorma Penttinen
22-01-14, 15:15
Lovisa Matintytär Ojala married 23 July 1848 Hired man Henrik Matinpoika Korpi b.16 January 1817
They moved to Kurikka and you can see them there:
Her husband Henrik Matinpoika Korpi died 28 November 1887 Kurikka, Lupa village, Rinta Opas and Lovisa died 14 July 1896 Kurikka,Lupa village, Rinta Opas