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27-09-13, 03:02
Hello. I am new here researching my Finnish family history. And I appreciate any and all help with this in advance! I've run into a road block with one relative. Her name is Maria Abrahamsdotter and either Liubacka or Jylhä or Jängä.

Birth 26 Sep 1839 in Perho, Finland
Death 28 May 1892 in Perho, Finland

My 1st question is this: She is listed on the below Parish Record halfway down the sheet and her daughter, Sanna Lisa is listed below her. I know she is not the head of house's daughter as her name is Abrahamsdotter and the HOH is Elias. So why would the record keeper put her name with the other family? Is there some relation? Because I cannot find her father as of yet in other records as I do not know her last name.

My 2nd question is this: Could anyone translate what it says above her patronymic name, Abraham? And what it says above Perho on her row?

And last question: Does anyone know where I can find info on how to translate these documents such as the boxes and circles written in on the left and all the slashes and dots in the row. And ever perhaps the column headers?

Thank you so much for your time and effort!



June Pelo
27-09-13, 05:02
I have Maria Abrahamsdotter in my database. She was the daughter of Abraham Eliasson Jängä-Pirttikoski, b. 31 May 1800, Perho, d. 7 Jul 1767, Perho, married 1 Nov 1823, Perho to Lisa Johansdotter Pirttikoski-Dahlbacka, b. 25 Dec 1805, Perho. Several years ago I worked with Mikko Kaunisto gathering some of this data. I calculated he was a first cousin 5 times removed of Maria Abrahamsdotter. Do you know Mikko? He lived in Jarvenpää at the time. Mikko is related through the above Abraham's sister Brita Eliasdotter Jängä, b. 1789 in Perho.

27-09-13, 08:51
This page appears a little clearer:

Maria's parents and siblings are here:

Dräng = farm worker, groom
Piga = maid

27-09-13, 15:56
Maria Abrahamsdr is shown as the wife of Matts Eliasson, born 21.9.1839, as indicated by the little square to the left of each name.

The little circle on that record is used to link Matts' brother Henrik Eliasson and wife Lisa Mattsdr.

The cross indicates the person died.

27-09-13, 16:48
To answer your 2nd question...above Abrahamsdr is written Jängä and above Perho looks like Liukkbacka, which is where Shadow600 found Maria with her parents and siblings.

27-09-13, 16:51
This should help with your last question: http://feefhs.org/guides/Finland.pdf

27-09-13, 16:55
also this: http://www.feefhs.org/journal/9/vincent.pdf

and: http://www.feefhs.org/guides/Finland-research.pdf

June Pelo
27-09-13, 20:25
If you want more data about Maria Abrahamsdotter's ancestors prior to 1800, there's a lot of data in the Caino-Torp book.

29-09-13, 21:50
I want to thank everyone for your help! I really appreciate your time and thank you for the links! I have a couple questions in response.

June, do you know Maria Abrahamsdotter surname? And also googling the Caino-Torp book I could not find much on it. Is it only in Finnish/Swedish or is it available in English? Also...either way is it available for purchase still. Or even available online? Thanks for the help. Also I do not know anyone in Finland unfortunately. So I do not know Mikko. Although I am 50% Finnish and am hoping to meet relatives from there one day, none yet. =)

June Pelo
29-09-13, 22:44
Maria's father was using the name Abraham Eliasson Jängä-Pirttikoski and her name was recorded with the Pirttikoski name. People at that time didn't use surnames as we know them today.. they were identified by their patronymic name and usually the farm or village name. Abraham's father was Elias Henriksson Jängä, b. 1800 in Liubakka (spelled many ways) in Perho. In the Caino Torp book, page 135, Table 1368, is Elias Henriksson Jängä, listing dates, marriage, children, etc. The tables in the book are mostly Swedish, but it's easy to determine names and dates without knowing Swedish. född = birth; död = death; g or gift = married; dotter = daughter; son = son; barn = children. It takes a bit of studying and experimenting to find the way around the book, and there is an index in the back, but it's possible to find people by using the table numbers. The book also contains tables for the Torp family, which was related in many ways to the Caino family through marriage. I had a small part in the preparation of the book, so I can find my way around it fairly easy. There are articles about Finland and the Caino and Torp families in front of the book, written in 3 languages: English, Finnish and Swedish. As far as I know the book is available for purchase through the Genealogical Society of Finland, and at one time you could contact the following person for details: kirjat*genealogia.fi This was several years ago, so it may not be the same person now. Here is the website used when the book was published and it shows the picture of the committee members. At that time I helped coordinate orders for the book in the US, but no longer have any contact with the committee or publisher. http://users.abo.fi/hkrokfor/caino_torp/welcome.htm

The Genealogical Society of Finland used to have a bookstore listed on their website but I couldn't see it. Perhaps you can contact someone here about the book: http://www.genealogia.fi/yhteysgb.html

I'll send you a PM with the address for Mikko,

06-10-13, 23:21

Thank you so very much for all your help and information. Everyone here has been so nice. I will definitely look into getting an English version of that book as going further down my line I see I have both Caino and Torp in my tree as well. So that will be a great help with my Finnish family research. How awesome you were a part of that book. That must have been fun to do! I must get my hands on it. =) Thank you again!