View Full Version : What does the e. and ell. mean between Given and Surnames in Finnish records?

27-09-13, 03:08
Hello. I cannot find this answer on google. I'm finding relatives such as "Homi e. Rinta-Homi" and "Elias Samuelsson Ljucbacka ell. Vehkalampi".

Does anyone know what the e. and ell. means? I appreciate any and all help.

Thank you!

27-09-13, 04:32
it's the equivalent of our AKA...also known as...

29-09-13, 21:52
Thank you so much!

26-10-13, 21:11
it's the equivalent of our AKA...also known as...

e. = entinen nimi = former name
ell. = eller = or / aka
o.s. = omaa sukua = née

edit: if you interpret "e." as "eli" then it would be equal to "ell."; eli (Finnish), eller (Swedish). Nowadays "e." would mean "former name". How it was back then - I cannot tell.

D J Granlund
27-10-13, 14:30
Thank You, Ruokoja. I had the sense of it as I know a little Swedish but your analysis is very helpful to my better understanding. David