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16-02-04, 21:49
Swenson has a very nice research request form that they ask people to use so I am thinking that it might be useful if somehow we had one that people could click upon and fill out and then it somehow is posted to the correct area such as genealogy [eng] and so forth. This would be particularly useful to new members. The Swenson form:
1. full name [include any known changes]:[this is in bold print to emphasis this is vital]
2. date/place of birth:
3. emigration year & from where:
4. date and place of death:
5. destination city/settlement in America
[this is in boldprint to emphasis this is vital]
The next section is called family information:
6. name of spouse:
7. date/place of birth:
8. emigration year & from where:
9. date and place of spouse's death:
10. children - name, date/place of birth
11. additional info about the family
12. information you are seeking
[this is in bold print to emphasis this is vital]
13. your name & address [email for us] [this is in bold print to emphasis this is vital]

Perhaps others of us would like to comment upon this suggestion? Perhaps it's not necessary?
One more thing that is really useful is to name the source[s] of what you know.

Karen Norwillo
17-02-04, 20:10
Chuck, I've used the Swenson form many times and always found it got good results on all my requests. Karen