View Full Version : Casket pictures

June Pelo
05-10-13, 19:04
I have mail from several people who received pictures from Finland of their deceased relatives in their casket.. these were taken in the early 1900s. They asked if was a common practice to take pictures like that? Does anyone know?

Karen Norwillo
06-10-13, 18:22
I know it was common here in the US. I have pictures of my husband's great-uncle and his baby brother who died in 1940's in Wilkes-Barre. I know it was commom much earlier in the late 1800's out West.

June Pelo
06-10-13, 19:07
I found this online... seems to have been a practice used during Victorian times:


08-10-13, 00:42
We have several of those in some box somewhere, and we also have photos of my father in his casket.