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19-02-04, 04:14
I'm searching for ancestors of some friends of mine. They're actually like a second family and I'm hoping to surprise them with some information. I've been searching the census records and Migration Institute and have found the following information. I'm hoping to locate their records in Finland so they can be traced back further.

Kurikka -
Maria Lisa Johansdr Pohjola/Pohjala/Pohjonen, b.~1856
Laimi Elisa b.1885
Hilda Evelina b.1887
Samuel b.1890
This family travelled together to Marquette, Michigan June 15, 1901. I've located their passenger record and passport records on the Migration Institute site but have not found them on Ellis Island.

There was also a son, John, b.11/1879 or 1881 who immigrated earlier. I found one Johan Pohjola, 24, traveling to Marquette 1.25.1901. This could be him but I found a John Michelson (family used Michelson as surname in the US) in the 1900 census in Marquette. It lists he immigrated in Mar 1900. This John was listed with his father, Sam Michelson, born 10.1854. It lists him as marrying in 1870 and immigrated in 1889. (Sam, Jr, was born in Jan 1890!) This Sam could be the husband of the above Maria Lisa. Sam Jr married a Lempi Hakala who was b.1897 but I have no further info on her either or where she was from in Finland.

Kurikka records on HisKi end at 1852 so just missed out on that. I found some limited info on the genealogia.fi website but not much.

The other set of grandparents are Alexander Olander b.1880 and Ida Siltanen b.10.29.1880. I found Ida and daughter Lydia's travel record on the Migration Institute site. They immigrated Jul 07,1906. I had a friend check the ship arrival record and learned they were from Nurmijärvi. They settled in Republic, Michigan.

I'm hoping someone might have access to Nurmijärvi and/or Kurikka records (or know someone who might) and could help me get back one more generation. I'll plan on ordering the films from FHC but before I do, I thought I'd ask the Finlander members.

Thanks for any help! :)

19-02-04, 06:03
Hi Kevin,
Swenson has the records of the Champion Finnish church.
Champion was about 12 miles from Republic which did not have a swedish speaking church.
They probably went to a Finnish church in Republic but I've not checked out the Champion church so a new microfilm for me.
I'll check the church in Marquette as well and maybe we will get lucky and have some nice fotocopies for them.

19-02-04, 16:26
Thanks, Chuck. I know the Olanders lived and died in Republic so if they're listed in Champion, there should be quite a few. As for Marquette, I just don't recall the name of the church. It may have been Trinity Lutheran which then changed to Redeemer but my memory is weak (over 30 years ago and I was just a kid!) :)

Thanks for checking!

20-02-04, 01:36
Champion had a swedish church and a finnish church which merged so the records are on the same reel.
I searched page by page to find somebody born in Kurikka or Nurmijärvi without any success. Of course I checked member indexes for the names and again, found nobody so it's my belief that they are to be found in one of the 2 Finnish churches in Republic. or one of the 2 Finnish congregations in Marquette.
Maybe somebody can check in those places for you?

20-02-04, 05:17
Thanks for checking, Chuck!

Yesterday when I made some headway, I ran across some info on the genealogia.fi website. It was called:

Indexes compiled by Rev. Les E. Niemi

Does anybody know anything about this? I surmised that Pastor Niemi served in the area of the U.P. of Michigan. This info I found contained these ancestors I am searching and seemed like an obituary listing.

Any ideas on how I could find out more?

20-02-04, 17:38
Jim Kurtti has said that the Finnish Archive at Finlandia University, Hancock, Michigan, has a large number of such books. Perhaps someone with Finnish can check on them?

21-02-04, 05:38
Hi Syrene, I'm sorry, I didn't understand your message. Who are you thinking could check on them? :confused:

21-02-04, 17:37
Sorry Kevin. I thought there might be some members who live in the Hancock area, and could look at the collection personally??
Or call and see if there is a researcher active in that section of the Finnish archives. That's what our volunteers do when an email comes in requesting info. Sometimes we have the book, and sometimes not.

Maybe the Finnish archives even has their collection on line, like SFHS. (The SFHS catalogue is on the <sfhs.eget.net> web page) We had a few of the Kalentari, but sent them on to the FA at Finlandia U, since few of us are fluent. What we kept is the Illmonen work on Finns in America, and all the Migration Institute publications. Those are mostly in Finnish, but their authors have done copious research.

Does that help at all>

21-02-04, 17:51
Thanks for the clarification, Syrene. That does give me another angle to check.

23-02-04, 22:51
Hello Kevin
Kurikka church records tells:
in Communionbok 1858-1864 at p. 5,_ 1865-71 p.5., 1872-81 p. 10
is in Koivisto village, at farm NR 1 Wähä-Koivisto
and Kainasto Ontto,_ torp_ a crofters widow:
Torpar Enkan Hedwig Michaelsdotter_ b. 21.1.1790 in Ilmola________ d. 9.9.1869__ Kurikka
_son__ Michel Johansson_ b. 09.05.1812_ in Kurikka_ d. 22.11.1880
wife_ Maja Lisa Mattsdotter_ b. 14.03.1815_ in Östermark_ d. 16.02.1876
_son Johan Michelsson b. 02.08.1840_ in Kurikka___ 1860 t. Östermark
son Matts Michelsson b. 27.12.1843_ in Kurikka
son Jacob Magnus Mic. b. 16.02.1850_ in Kurikka
son Samuel Michelsson b. 01.12.1852_ in Kurikka
dr_ Hedda Sofia Mihelsdr__ b. 22.12.1860_ in Kurikka__ d. 15.01.1861_ in Kurikka

At p. 10, at farm nr 1 Wähä-Koivisto and Kainasto Ontto torp in
Kurikka Kb (Communionbok) 1872-1881 are
Samuel Michelsson___ b. 01.12.1852
______ m._ . 21.07.1877 to
wife Maja Lisa Johansdotter_ b. 18.12.1856
daughter Hilma Sofia_ b. 10.02.1879
son Johannes_ b. 23.10.1880
dr Maria Josefina b. 27.03.1883
dr Laimi Elisa_ b. 07.07.1885
dr Hilda Evelina b. 09.11.1887
son Samuel_ b. 15.01.1890

they move in 1884 to farm nr 5 in Koivisto village, Hirvelä-Keski (p.135)
Pohjala torp and that is where the name Pohjala comes from and they lives
there until they leave for America.

At p. 71 in Kb 1865-71, and p 106 in Kb 1872-1881, and 1883 -1892
at Koivisto, no 5 Hirvelä- Keski_ at Pohjasneva torp lives;
Samuel Michelsson_ b. 21.11.1836
wife Sofia Mattsdotter b. 05.03.1830
(I husband and father of 3 children below
___ Johan Mattsson Pohjasneva)
st_ son Matts Johansson____ b. 27.12.1852
st_ dr__ Maija Lisa Johansdr___ b. 18.12.1856
st_ dr__ Sofia Johansdotter___ b. 07.07.1859
son Samuel Samuelsson___ b. 14.07.1869
dr___ Eveliina Samuelsdotter b. 03.04.1873

24-02-04, 03:13
Thank you so much, Gustav! This is far more than I had hoped to receive. This will help tremendously!!

Thanks again,

25-02-04, 23:14
Hello again Kevin

A little more from Kurikka church records:

Kurikka Communionbok 1858 - 1864 p. 58 tells

Johan Mattsson Pohjasneva born 24.12.1818 and d. 14.01.1860,
his wife Sofia Mattsdotter and her II husband Samuel Michelsson Mäenpää
are married 03.01.1862.

Johan Mattsons parents are :

Torp. Matts Johansson b. 14.2.1875 in Kauhajoki d. at Pohjasneva 9.8.1866 and
wife Lisa Michelsdotter b. 3.4.1795 in Ilmola d. 8.3.1879
at Pohjasneva.

Best regards Gustav

26-02-04, 00:35
I don't see the link between the people in the last message and the ones in your original posting.

"At p. 71 in Kb 1865-71, and p 106 in Kb 1872-1881, and 1883 -1892 at Koivisto, no 5 Hirvelä- Keski_ at Pohjasneva torp lives;
Samuel Michelsson_ b. 21.11.1836 wife Sofia Mattsdotter b. 05.03.1830 "

Are these people somehow related to the 1st family or the 2nd? I just didn't see the connection. The 1st and 2nd family are definitely the ancestors I was searching.

27-02-04, 10:21
Hello again Kevin, sorry for not expressing me clearly inaf.
This is wath the family should look like:
Johan Mattsson Pohjasneva born 24.12.1818 and d. 14.01.1860,
wife Sofia Mattsdotter b. 05.03.1830
(I husband and father of 3 children below)

son Matts Johansson b. 27.12.1852
dr Maija Lisa Johansdr b. 18.12.1856
dr Sofia Johansdotter b. 07.07.1859

Sofia Mattsdotter b. 05.03.1830
Re-married 03.01.1862 with
Samuel Michelsson b. 21.11.1836
their children:
son Samuel Samuelsson b. 14.07.1869
dr Eveliina Samuelsdotter b. 03.04.1873

The other famly vas

Johan Mattsson Pohjasneva born 24.12.1818 ,

his parents are :

Torp. Matts Johansson b. 14.2.1775 in Kauhajoki,
d. at Pohjasneva 9.8.1866 and
wife Lisa Michelsdotter b. 3.4.1795 in Ilmola, d. 8.3.1879 at Pohjasneva Kurikka.

I hope this will make sense


01-03-04, 05:41
Do you have access to the Kurikka records? If so, could you check for the following person?

I just went back to my notes and found that the Ida Siltanen b.29 Oct 1880 was actually born in Kurikka rather than Nurmijärvi as I originally stated. Unfortunately I don't know her father's name but maybe with an exact birthdate, she might be found.

I have been moderately successful tracking the Kurikka ancestors in HisKi based on the information you provided. I may ask your help on some Nikkola (Ala & Yli) families I'm stuck on. ;)

Thank you for any additional information!

06-03-04, 21:33
Hi Kevin,
I had a brief look at Nurmijärvi records and found :

born in Nurmijärvi 1901, at Hyvinkää Wanhatalo Kummala
26.10.1901 (bapt. 11.11.1901) Lydia Amanda,
parents Alexander Olander and his wife Ida Gustava.

(The Nurmijärvi records at Åbo Landsarkiv ends about 1896-1899, so I can't tell you where or when Ida Gustava is born or when Ida and Alexander get married.)

and in the Communionbok for Nurmijärvi 1890-1899 at p. 101
at Hyvinkää, lives the following family:

Inh. Skomakare (shoemaker) Johan Viktor Olander
b. .02.1840 Nurmijärvi
hustru Serafina Gustavsdr. Lindroos b. 3.10.1844 - " -

dr Ida Maria b. 02.11.1870 - " -
dr Karolina b. 12.04.1874 - " -
son Karl Viktor b. 01.06.1876 - " -
dr Josefina b. 17.12.1878 - " -
son Alexsander b. 18.01.1880 - " -
son Johan Fredrik b. 06.05.1882 - " -

08-03-04, 15:57
Hi Gustav,
Thank you so much for this additional information. I was able to take this info and carry back a few more generations using HisKi.

I sent you a Private Message about Nikkola. Did you receive that?

With many thanks,