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June Pelo
22-10-13, 01:27
If you have a copy of the SFHS Summer 2013 Quarterly, you've probably noticed the recipe on page 52 for Strawberry cake. I can verify that it is a delicious cake... I have eaten numerous slices of it on visits to Finland. During one summer I spent three weeks visiting friends and relatives and I counted that I had eaten about 50 slices of cake while I was there. Everyone makes it during strawberry season... and if I visited 2-3 people in one day I had some cake at each place. One of my bachelor cousins baked one when he knew I was going to visit.. and he did an excellent job. And another male cousin ordered one from the bakery for me, and then he cut a huge slice for me and adorned it with a rose in honor of my visit. And, yes, I did gain weight from that visit... but it was worth it.. :) The Quarterly referred to it as Finnish Strawberry Cake, but my relatives in Sweden also make this cake, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is also made in Norway and Denmark.

On page 53 of that same issue is a recipe for New Potatoes and I noticed they are prepared the way we ate them when I was growing up... and I remembered that my father said his mother prepared them the same way when he was a boy in Finland. My relatives fixed them that same way during my last visit to Finland... old customs never die.