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June Pelo
25-10-13, 19:15
I have a query about Karl Valerian Tillgren, b. 28 Jan 1903, Red Lodge, MT. That's all the information I have ... if anyone can add anything about him, it would be appreciated.

Karen Norwillo
25-10-13, 20:27
I find nothing about this man on Ancestry, but I did find him on a Google search in a genealogy site koti.mbnet.fi relating to his wife Sanni Dagmar Pekkarinen 3 Jan 1917 Kinnula. They have him with only the DOB you give, but no place of birth. No other info on him. Sanni was the daughter of Viktori Pekkarinen and Hilma Juliana Niemonen. She was first married to a Rikhard Oskar Kinnunen 7 Jan 1905, married 1 Nov 1936 and died 5 Jan 1938. I have not been able to verify any of this.

June Pelo
25-10-13, 20:44
Thanks, Karen. I'll pass it on. I found the Tillgren name in Talko, but no recent dates to connect to him.