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08-09-03, 02:42
My name is Kelly Keegan. I grew up in Rockford, Illinois but live now in Washington, DC, where I work as an interior designer at American University. I am single, live in a small, studio apartment on Capitol Hill, and have a cat, Pepper (Pipparkakku or Pepparkakkor) for company.

Between high school and college I spent a year as a Rotary exchange student in Helsinki. I learned some Finnish and came to understand some Swedish, though I cannot speak it at all. I still have friends there, and as of a year ago, a god-daughter, Lilli Anna Katarina, the daughter of my best friend there. I went back to Finland last year for her christening, saw everyone, and met one of my distant cousins, who also participates on this list occasionally - all absolutely fabulous. I would love to have my own sauna here, and pulla...mmmmm....how to win my heart... :-)

My grandmother did genealogy when I was little, and over the years as I travelled, I visited various locations from which I knew our ancestors had come, but I never knew how to follow up on that knowledge. Several years ago I started doing genealogy in earnest and since then have 'met' many wonderful people through this group and others, including several distant cousins from Finland, Sweden, and England, and learned a lot about my ancestors and the historical context of many of their lives.

My Swede-Finn roots are through my father's mother's mother's mother, Anna Fredrika Häggblad, who was born in Oravais (near Vasa) in 1846. She moved to Sweden in 1870, then to the US with her husband in 1892.

I look forward to continuing discussions with you all in this lovely new forum of Hasse's.

A-M Löfdahl
08-09-03, 14:48
Hello Kelly,

I live in Oravais where I was born and where also many of my ancestors have lived. I looked at your ahnentafel and since the names Häggblad, Grönberg, Nordberg, Lolander was familiar to me, it was really interesting! These names doesn´t appear on my own ahnentafel, but I know that many of them worked on "Oravais Masugn" where some of my ancestors (Ekblad) also worked.

A sister of Maria Beata Mårtensdotter Nordberg (b.1787) Anna Greta (b.1795) lived here in Seiplax where I am living now! I have also had contact with Pirjo in Sweden who is researching about a third sister Brita (b.1801).