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June Pelo
05-11-13, 01:49
A motorist was handed an eye-watering 95,000 euro fine for speeding by police - because he is rich.

Swedish businessman Anders Wiklof was caught doing 77kph in a 50kph zone while driving in Finland.

And the Scandinavian country penalises speeding motorists by fining them based on their wealth, meaning multi-millionaire Wiklof was hit with a hefty free.

Traffic cops gave the fast-moving magnate a speeding ticket following the incident on the island of Åland.

It is thought the fine handed out to Mr Wiklof, 67, is one of the highest ever.

The businessman and philanthropist accepted he was wrong for speeding.

But he said in an interview that the penalty was 'unreasonable'.

He said: 'I'd rather put that money on the elderly, health, day care or whatever.

'I have only myself to blame, but one can question whether it is fair.

'Should I drive too fast in Sweden, I would have received 4000 dollars in fines and there is a huge difference.

'There should be a ceiling, it would be more fair. Where to put it I do not know, but as it is now, it is unreasonable.'

Mr Wiklof made his fortune as the owner of a holding company in Sweden.

He is one of the most influential and rich people in Åland, a Swedish-speaking region of Finland.

In 2010, Swiss courts fined a wealthy motorist, described as a repeat offender, £180,000 for driving his Ferrari through a village at 85mph.

Norden, 31 Oct. 2013