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Karen Norwillo
20-02-04, 17:36
Chuck, I am wondering if Swenson has records from the Swedish Lutheran church in Escanaba, Delta, MI. I'm trying to find more info about my great-aunt and her family.I have dates of birth and death of her and her husband, but I'd like to find out more about their children. From the 1920 census, their names are Hjalmer (Elmer) 14 at that time, Ina, age 11, Esther, age 9 and Albert, not quite 1 year. On the 1930 census, I found them again, this time Ina was married and living with them, along with her husband, Harry A Johnson and son, Harry, Jr. I did find her and an Elmer Finstrom in the SSDI, so I have their dates. I'd like to find the others. Thanks, Karen

20-02-04, 22:32
Hi Karen,
At Bethany Lutheran in Escanaba, I found them - see attached image - but they left that place in 1910.
They are shown as coming from Ford River, Swedish Ev. Lutheran, which is a bit south of Escanaba so I checked there for their member info there and to see if they returned. The records are bad there. I found them in the member index on page 71 but pages copied were .22, 23, then skipping to 80 so a lot missing.
Then I went north to Gladstone, lst Lutheran, but found nobody and finally I traveled west to Bark River, Salem Lutheran, and again struck out.
I did not find the Harry Johnson family anywhere. I don't know why Ina didn't show up at Bethany.
But I did find some other Finström people whose names I will list here in the event they are rerlatives. They are also from Purmo.
Finström, Matts Johannesson
b. 2-29-1860
w. Johanna and kids Anders, Victor, Ida, Hilma, Alma, Johanna, & Georg.
They also were in Ford River - I saw their member listing at that church.
Also at Ford River, and remember the records are in bad shape, on a page labeled "Inflyttade" are Anders Finstrom and Victor Finstrom page 10.
At the page called "Uttflyttningar" ? I found our same Mats J. Finstrom and it showed him going to Escanaba.
I made a check of the Covenant church in Escanaba, S9-1, but found nobody there who is of interest here.
That's it. Do you have another town?


Karen Norwillo
21-02-04, 01:13
Chuck, Thank you so much for the quick reply. I will check the 1910 census, but that may take some time as I have no idea where they might have moved between 1910 and 1920. I do know they returned to Escanaba as that is listed on both the 1920 and 1930 census and that is given as place of death for Maria. I did find on the Delta County Genealogy site that John Finstöm's father was Matt Finström and his mother Helena Mattson. This is from the Lakeview Cemetery records, book C069. He died 4 Nov 1945. Maria died 23 Aug 1947. Also found marriage entry for Esther and a Sidney Stebbins on 7 June 1926, County book C284. They have an excellent site for anyone with interest in Delta county, MI. Karen

21-02-04, 01:19
Hej Karen,
This is fun! Well then I shall obtain a fotocopy of his information for your gen book from both Escanaba and Ford River.
Helena must be a change from Johanna.
Or maybe a transcriber error?

Glad I did mention Matts to you:)


21-02-04, 04:08
Hi Karen,
I have nothing better to do on a Friday night so I checked the 1910 census for you. It is dated Apr 1910 and from the church record they were dropped in Dec 1910 so they're still in Escanaba during the census. Here's the image.

Also, notice the Andrew Finstrom listed above John. Immigrated same year. A brother, maybe?

Karen Norwillo
21-02-04, 17:19
Kevin, Funny, on the 1920 census, right above John and Mary's entry are a Hannah Finstrom, 60 yo. widow and her son George, age 15. I was wondering if this was a relative? Thanks for the 1910 info. Karen

Karen Norwillo
21-02-04, 22:52
Kevin, With more searching on the Delta County site, it would appear that the Finstrom family in Escanaba included Father Matt Finstrom, his second wife Johanna (Hannah, Hanna), sons John, Andrew, Victor and daughter Hanna. I found all of them in the Lakeview Cemetery records. Also found were the wives of Andrew and Victor. I checked HisKi and found two marriages for Matts Johansson, Purmo. First in 1880 to Lena Mattsdr. of Storbacka farm, the second to Hanna Jonasdr. of Stennabba farm in 1890. This would explain the Helena Mattson. Also, Johanna gave her father's name as Jonas Stenaba in the US records. What ward did you find those 1910 images in? Karen

22-02-04, 00:16
Here's the info of the census details as it appears on Genealogy.com:

Finstrom, John
Age: 28
Gender: M
Race: W
Birthplace: FINL
State: Michigan
County: DELTA
Series: T624
Roll: 644
Part: 1
Page: 186A