View Full Version : Interesting coincidence

June Pelo
20-11-13, 01:39
I've been doing some interesting research that resulted in connecting descendants of two families from the same village in Finland. While gathering data for a Hermans family in Washington State, I had a hunch there might be a connection to the family of Erik Hermans, editor of Norden newspaper, who was born in Tjärlax in Närpes. I began to work back a few generations and found a common ancestor for the two families from Tjärlax. And when Erik Hermans commented about Edith Södergran, the poet in Finland, I thought there might be a relationship with her because her father was also born in Tjärlax... and sure enough... when I worked back a number of generations I found a common ancestor not only to Erik Hermans, but also to the Hermans family in Washington... both families are surprised to learn of their link to this new relative. Erik Hermans is going to get an address from Finland so that the Hermans family in Washington can contact relatives in Tjärlax. They may end up being one big happy family. :)