View Full Version : Carl Verner Mattsson, Runeberg Order

June Pelo
27-11-13, 14:59
I have a request for information about Thomas Mattson, son of Carl Verner Mattson, past president of the Runeberg lodge in Portland, Oregon. Carl Mattson married Sadie Rosenberg in 1941 in Oregon and they had a son Thomas and daughter Molly. We're trying to find more info about Thomas .. was he in the military and is he still living?

28-11-13, 03:07
June, I just sent you an email with what is most likely a current address for Thomas E. Mattson in Portland, OR.

28-11-13, 03:26
also a phone number...

Karen Norwillo
29-11-13, 21:46
I sent June current info on daughter and her family, so hopefully she can also fill in the blanks.

June Pelo
29-11-13, 22:44
Thanks to Karen and Alan for their information which I've passed on to several people, including one involved with the Runeberg Order.