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28-11-13, 17:36
Anyone know anything about Herman Norrgård..Norgard in Usa? He was born ab 1867 in Finland. Siblings: Sophia, Marie, sailor Johan (John). Their mother may also have been Sophia.

Emigrated to Usa before 1900.

May be related to me but I'm helping a friend.

28-11-13, 17:44
More photos..

Jorma Penttinen
12-02-14, 14:02
Hi, here you are some information but it is difficut to know is he "that" Herman. Do you know his place of birth? Was it Vöyri (Vöro) There is some one on Ancestry.com who might to know more and I think she/he have some pictures.

Name: Herman Norrgard
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Birth Date: abt 1867
Departure Date: 20 May 1899
Port of Departure: Glasgow, Scotland
Destination Port: New York, USA
Ship Name: City of Rome

Name: Herman Johnson Norgard
Birth Date: 21 Sep 1867
Age at Death: 72
Death Date: 19 Oct 1939
Burial Place: Grinter Heights, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA

Jorma Penttinen
13-02-14, 12:36
Here he started his trip to US.
Herman Norrgård
age 32
departure date: 13.05.1899
Port of Departure: Hanko
Ship: Polaris
From England ship: Anchor Line (City of Rome)
He was going to Eveleth, Minnesota

17-02-14, 07:10
Kiitos! Lähetän tiedon eteenpäin :)

Karen Norwillo
17-02-14, 20:25
When I looked for that Herman Johnson Norgard 1867-1939 in Kansas, I found on Find-a Grave, the info doesn't match the tombstone.
It is engraved Sept 28 1851, died Oct 19, 1939. Says he was born in Sweden, emigrated 1888, married Mrs. Nora May Huffman.
Strangely, the info at the top of the page says 21 Sep 1867, but doesn't match the stone image shown.

Karen Norwillo
18-02-14, 02:00
There is a Herman Norrgård on Migration Institute/Emigrant Passport Register showing a Herman Norrgård born 1876 Koivulahti. 10.05.1899. Unfortunately, those records aren't available on Hiski.

Karen Norwillo
19-02-14, 16:42
Interestingly, the Kansas State Census has Herman from Finland and the US Federal Census says Sweden. As he was probably a Swedish-speaking Finn, this isn't unusual. What confuses me is that tombstone date. All the census images has his age as being born 1867-1869. I can't figure out why the date on the stone is different than the information provided in the text.

Karen Norwillo
19-02-14, 17:07
Here's a snapshot from Ancestry which I cropped. It shows Herman Norgard and one of his sons John (1909). Maybe comparing them to the old photos will help.

21-02-14, 13:49
where on ancestry did you find the photos?

Karen Norwillo
21-02-14, 15:35
If you go on the Family Trees section and enter Herman Norgard, several entries come up. Some are private so you can't view without contacting the "owner", but some are Public so anyone can view. That certainly doesn't mean that everything posted is accurate. I just can't figure out that 1851 tombstone attributed to Herman born 1867. Also, there are several Herman Norgard born c 1867, one in WA. Does this person have any information as to father of Herman? Are you sure the one in KS is him?

Karen Norwillo
21-02-14, 16:06
Federal Census images all say Herman emigrated in 1888, so the one on the City of Rome in 1899 going to Eveleth, MN can't be him. By that time he was already married in KS. Federal Census 1900-1910-1920 say Sweden, 1930 says Finland. Kansas State Census 1905 Sweden, 1915 and 1925 Finland.
You might try leaving a message on Ancestry for the owner of the blocked trees and see if they'll share. They may have photos that match yours. If you don't have a subscription to Ancestry, I will do it for you.

Karen Norwillo
21-02-14, 20:08
I found on this site http://sydaby.eget.net/emig/emig_runsor.htm Emigrants from the villages of Höstves and Runsor in Korsholm by Eric Skjäl, Herman Johansson Norrgård f. 24.9.1865 from Berg to Amerikka 5.6.1888. That would match with the 1888 date on all those census, but the DOB is slightly off. (Scroll down to 1887-1896 Höstves.)

24-02-14, 08:18
thank you again! yes, it should be Kansas, or that is the only information Matthew has, that his family comes from Kansas.And he has no idea of who Herman´s father could have been.. =/