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02-12-13, 21:31
I am looking for information on a painting of Swedish King Gustav Adolf II (9 December 1594 – 6 November 1632). The work is an oil painting on copper and is not signed on the front. The back of the copper plate is concealed by a wood panel. There is written text upon the wood panel that reads in part: “Gustav Adolph II Konig de Schweden” and with additional but illegible text that appears to include the date of 1632, a name that might read "Georg Witek" and the word Augsburg. There is also an embossed paper seal upon the back with the birth and death years of Gustav II Adolf and the initials GARS (GARS stands for Gustavus Adolphus Rex Sveciae [Latin: Gustav Adolf King of Sweden]). The panel measures approximately 6 ” height by 4 ” width and the frame 12 ” height by 11” width.

Any information including the artist or time period this painting might be attributed to would be incredibly helpful. Additionally, contact information of any experts who might be able to attribute the work to a specific artist, workshop, or time period would be very helpful. Thanks!!