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June Pelo
03-12-13, 22:52
There's a query in FAR asking for information about Martti, born 26 Aug 1891 in Lehtimäki, Finland. He was supposed to go to St. Albans, Vermont. But wasn't there, so they think maybe he went to Hancock, MI and if he left any descendants.

Contact: Reino Välisaari (Vaelisaari)
Haaponiementie 14
FIN 88620 Korholanmäki, Finland
e-mail: rk.valisaari*vuokatti.net

Karen Norwillo
04-12-13, 21:33
I found his 1910 arrival to Halifax and his border crossing, destination Hancock, MI. St Albans was a usual crossing from Halifax. I don't find him under that name after, but he may have changed it.

Karen Norwillo
07-12-13, 02:20
I sent some "possible" hits for Martti to Reino. I found a WWI Draft card for a Martti Saari that matches, almost. Birth day off by 3 days.

June Pelo
07-12-13, 02:54
That's great, Karen. I'm sure Reino will be happy with whatever you found.

Are you in the path of that big storm?

Karen Norwillo
10-12-13, 16:44
Had abit of snow from that one. It's snowing again today, but supposed to be fast-moving. 3-6 inches possible.

June Pelo
10-12-13, 17:19
I've been hearing from friends and relatives around the country who have freezing temps and lots of snow.. and it seems that Florida is the only place in the country with sunny pleasant weather.. I'm wearing shorts today..... just thought I'd rub it in a bit.. :)