View Full Version : No Snow ... No COLD .... in Florida

Ed Koski
12-12-13, 00:07
If you Snow Birds are going SOUTH for the Winter ....

June Pelo is asking for our USED SHOVELS and Long Johns ( color don't matter )....

She has become SOFT, she needs a little reminder who,what, when and where we all came from........ THE FROZEN NORTH - don't matter what Country ....


June Pelo
12-12-13, 02:21
Ed, I grew up in Michigan and shoveled a lot of snow... and I know how cold it can get. I'll be heading up that way for Christmas and I'm prepared with lots of sweaters and cold weather gear. My brother-in-law Bill likes cold weather, and keeps the thermostat set at 71 ... so I'm going to need those sweaters. But I won't be doing any shoveling because Bill has a snow plow and he loves to use it. :)