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27-12-13, 20:20
Both my maternal grandparents came from Finland, as did my step-grandfather. My grandfather, Matts Ivar Partanen (1884-1931) listed Vassa as his home town which I understand is in Jakobstad, Osthrobotnia, Finland. He immigrated to the US around 1905, as did his sisters Helmi and Aina. His mother was Aina Mathews, no other information.
My grandmother, Anna Elvira Holmstrom (1886-1955) was from Nadendal (Kapskerta). Some of her family appears to have stayed in in Finland (Gustav, Ester and Alma).
My Step grandfather, Paul Harold Lindstrom (1888-1976) was from Mariehamn, Aland Islands. His father, Konrad was a lighthouse keeper, Lagskar Island, for whom I have been unable to find any final records of. I also have not been able to find any listings of lighthouse keepers, but I have heard that that job was seasonal and not highly regarded. Paul spent his early years as a merchant marine, tired of that life style and immigrated to the US by 1920.
I have this on a postcard (most, as this one, are from 1905, but last one was from about 1970):
Här Ser du Ester. Kortet är taget få gårder där vi bo fär æ 1 månad sen. Det än ej Eihtigt bra då jag tog fär hant tid.

I am looking for a Swedish rosetta stone, my 30 year old German is of very little help (I can usually figure out arbeten = arbeiten = work. Problems arise when I see an abbreviation such as the ae, or when 'modern' day words clash with 100+year old definitions. Fortunately I do have a swedish<>english dictionary from around 1920 that helps with the sytax/meanings of the time the letters were written.

Thanks, Pete

28-12-13, 15:46
Your grandfather, Matts Ivar Partanen, was born 4.4.1884, Vaasa

Shown in Vaasa Rippikirja, 1881-1885, with parents Matts Partanen, born 20.6.1849, Piippola and Johanna Johansdr, born 8.12.1844, Purmo (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/4yyo9p?en+0420+kastetut+4756); and sister Aina Irene, born 12.7.1881

28-12-13, 15:55
Matts Partanen and Johanna Matjus were married 4.9.1880, Vaasa

28-12-13, 16:01
Aina Irene, 1881 Vaasa Birth Record

Helmi Johanna, born 23.6.1886, Vaasa

28-12-13, 16:20
Vaasa Rippikirja, 1886-1890; the entire family shown here; comment in the last column shows they moved to Gamla Karleby, 13.1.1890

Kokkola (Gamlakarleby) Rippikirja, 1890-1896

Pietarsaari (Jakobstad) Rippikirja, 1892-1901, shows that Matts Partanen, wife Johanna Mattjus, children Matts Ivar and Helmi Johanna, came to Pietasaari from Gamlakarleby in 1899.

28-12-13, 16:31
Institute of Migration Passport and Passenger Information

Aina Irene must have moved back to Vaasa from Kokkola

28-12-13, 16:32
Helmi Partanen, 1905 Institute of Migration Passenger Information

28-12-13, 17:10
Passenger Lists for Aina (to NY, 1903), Ivar (to NY, 1905) and Helmi (to Eureka, CA, 1905)

Ivar Partanen had been to NY previously and was there when sister Aina arrived in 1903.

Ingemar Ekman
28-12-13, 23:42
My genealogy friend June Pelo informed me about your query. Thank you June.
Paul Harald Lindström born 28 March 1888 in Mariehamn is my distant cousin (7th)
His grandfather Johan Lindström belonged to the first families in Mariehamn.
Mariehamn was founded 1861. Little information in English about the 150years celebration is available if you go down on this page:
and there you will find an extract of the Lindström tree.
Please find enclosed two magnified images from the church book page 21 1881-1890, digitalised by ArkivDigital
I sent you also a private message with a link to an article in Swedish in the local newspaper about Johan Lindström and his family.

04-01-14, 01:17
Thank you very much! I hadn't realized until today that I had gotten responses. Rather exciting. Pete

Ingemar Ekman
04-01-14, 14:24
Ref to http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index_eng.htm
Your grandmother´s family was recorded in Nådendal communionbook 1891-1900 p94 (available for members)
The family moved from Pernå 6 Nov 1896. See enclosed image left side and the remarks on right side.

04-01-14, 16:18
Matts Mattsson Partanen, b 1849-06-20

From birthbook (second from the bottom on the left side):

From Rippikirjat:

Father; Matts Partanen, b. 1806-04-30 Pulkkila (snickare/carpenter)
F: Eric Laitisensaari. M: Britha (Hiski)

Married 1848:

Mother; Carin Pehrsdotter Mäntyoja, b. 1820-08-10 Pulkkila
F: Påhl Laurentii Mändyoja. M: Caisa Johsdr. Pijppo 31 (Hiski)


04-01-14, 17:36
Thank you very much!

04-01-14, 23:21
Johanna Johansdotter Mattjus, b. 1844-12-08 Purmo
From birthbook:

From Rippikirja:

Father; Johan Jacobsson Mattjus, b. 1790-05-06 Purmo
Jacob Johansson Mattjus. M: Maria Johansdotter 26 (Hiski)

married 1821-01-14, Purmo

Mother: Lena Jacobsdotter Klåfvus, b. 1801-11-08 Purmo
F: Jacob Johansson Klåfvus. M: Maria Hansdotter 35 (Hiski)

05-01-14, 01:25
Thank you again. The names and places have more logic to them, making it possible to extend the family a couple more generations.
I'm not certain what I am seeing in the Communion Book. There appears to be a heading to the page for Mattjus, but with the dates I'm not sure if I am seeing siblings with their families. And completely unsure what the right page is showing.

05-01-14, 09:34
The right side shows the date when they got communion.
Attach screenshots from Hiski.

You see Johanna's siblings, no siblings' families.
You see brother Jacob's wife and children at the bottom.

06-01-14, 01:13
Thank you. When I went to my dictionary I found what the communion heading was, good to have the verification. Pete