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28-12-13, 16:24

During the family meeting a few documents in Finnish language as well as photos with Finnish description have been found. They concern either, my Grandmother Helena Fiwek or my Gran-grand parents, Maria Aliina Paulamäki and Franciszek Fiwek.

Any support in recognizing the documents will be appreciated.


Karen Norwillo
28-12-13, 17:21
It appears to be a census extract dated 1942 for a Rachel Heleena Mäenpää born 26 Jun 1908 in Vaasa ria, Vaasa interior. Looks like it's from Helsinki. This may have been for a visa. It was required when applying for one.

28-12-13, 21:05
Thanks. One answer but plenty of questions are coming :-)
According to known documents my Grandmom Helena Fiwek laft Finnland before 1927. So how such a document came to Poland during the WW2?


Karen Norwillo
29-12-13, 16:42
Is it possible your grandmother requested a proof of birth from Finland without actually returning there? 1942 was still war time in Europe and maybe she needed proof in order to accomplish some requirement in Poland. Just a thought. Go to this site and it gives 3 pages of translation, both Finnish and Swedish of common words found in a virkatodistus. Click on Finnish-English in the body of the information.