View Full Version : Soldier photography - handwritten description - Finnish or Russian uniform?

29-12-13, 13:17
May I ask for support of translation of the reverse of the photography?
I wonder if this soldier uniform is Russian Empire (before 1917) or Finnish one?

Thanks in advance for support

08-01-14, 20:24
Hello again!

This short passage is by no means any easier to grasp, but I can give it a try: Finlandija Aarne Paulamäki Rauhankatu No 8 Waasa Terveisiä ja voit kirjoittaa hänelle(?) jos haluat. "Greetings and you may write to him if you wish".

There are no problems with the name and the address, but the rest is more like a guess from my side trying to catch the idea of what might have been the intentions of the writer. A straight translation word by word does not make any sense, at least not to me.