View Full Version : Greetings from the Deep Freeze!

June Pelo
29-12-13, 17:14
I've been buried in snow and freezing weather in Michigan ... without any heat, electricity or water for a week... result of the worst ice storm to hit in over 100 years. Now we know how the pioneers must have lived back in the days of candles and fireplace... I'll be heading back to Florida tomorrow... the only warm state in the entire country... it will be a welcome relief to shed this heavy clothing and get warmed up. :)

30-12-13, 08:49
Hello June!

Without electricity for a whole week..
It can not have been easy...

Greeting Monica

Karen Norwillo
30-12-13, 17:12
My daughters are in VT in the same situation. Ice, then heavy snow on top and more snow predicted. Power on and off.

June Pelo
31-12-13, 02:17
I'm back in Florida... I left Michigan bundled up against the cold, and gradually shed clothing as I flew south.....leaving 15 weather and arriving home in 75 weather... what a welcome shock to my system.. :) I feel sorry for the people there in MI... they had no Christmas dinner... couldn't enjoy their Christmas tree, lights and decorations. Now they're busy getting back to a normal life... I expect that someone will come up with a bumper sticker: I survived the big storm of 2013!