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22-02-04, 23:26
Was my grandfather Frans Henrik Rosman the only Fin to have emigrated to England? Most seem to have gone to the States. Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Until now I've not met another case other than mine.

22-02-04, 23:52
I found the woman, Sarah L. OAKSHOTT, at the mormon website.
She was born in 1880 at this place:
St Pancras, Middlesex, England
In 1880, they lived here:
5 Heathcote Street
London, Middlesex, England

Do you think this might be her?
There are many woman whose maiden /married name is Oakshot[t] but it is possibly a way of finding out more about Frans as a husband to her:)

I just found these uk genealogy places by using google and typing in "uk genealogy" and I am certain more can be online. Use this to search for Sarah and get to Frans in that way:) Good luck!

23-02-04, 20:41
Hi, yes this is my grandmother alright. I'm more interested at the moment in trying to locate the Rosmans in Finland to see whether any of them have photos of my grandfather or any letters he may have sent home to his parents. I know Esa Rosman and Eskil Rosman are belonging to my family. After all, it's not so long along.
I will of course try uk.genealogy to find my grandmother's parents. They seem to be a mysterious lot. My grandmother seemed to have destroyed all photos - if she ever had any of course. I've never even seen her wedding photo. I know she was married on Xmas Day and was only 17 years of age.
Anyway my offspring will be lucky. I've already made up a book for each of them with photos. newpaper cuttings etc. then there will be our family tree on the internet

23-02-04, 22:30
Would you be so kind enough to look at our family tree - the Finnish part - and let me know of any bad mistakes in the language http://www.xs4all.nl/~humaan/rosman/
We've still got a lot of information to add. Also photos.
Many thanks in anticipation of your kindness. Sylvia

09-03-04, 07:32
I too have a relative, my grandmother's brother ,who emigrated to England. He left Finland about 1886, was a seaman. last word my grandmother had was shortly before WWI broke out that he was in England. Name was Carl Johan Mattson Jossfolk, born 1866 in Närpes. In 1924 was declared legally dead as of 1919 which was the year of his father's death. I tried unsuccessfully to search British records From Carol

09-03-04, 20:29
Nice to hear from you Carol. You didn't say where your relative lived in England, Perhaps you don't know, but it makes it easier to check. Was he married before going to England or in England? My grandfather fortunately married my grandfather, otherwise it may have been more difficult to find him as he died at 39 years of age. What trade did he have?

10-03-04, 00:59

Looks like a place to find your seaman.

If he jumped ship, they will know of it because the captain of that ship likely get them the information and because these are important pension records, etc.

They will know everything as long as he was a seaman. Hmm, hope I'm not overdoing what Oulu can do:)