View Full Version : Heikki and Hilma

June Pelo
01-01-14, 04:13
Heikki, Eino, Toivo and Heikki's wife Hilma are back home after ice fishing in Toivo's ice shanty on Lake Gogebic.

Heikki: Well Hilma, the guys have decided that you shouldn't come ice fishing with us again.

Hilma: And why is that?

Heikki: The guys said that you don't follow any of the "ice fishing rules."

Hilma: And what are the rules?

Heikki: Well, like, you don't drink beer, cuss or fart.

Hilma: And what else?

Heikki: Instead of playing cards, you just knit.

Hilma: Anything else?

Heikki, looking at the floor and talking in a whisper: And you caught more fish than the three of us put together.