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June Pelo
01-01-14, 22:10
Finland's reindeer producers have refused a request from a German company for 100,000 reindeer, saying there were not enough of them in Finland. Finland has a problem meeting their own reindeer needs and has had to import at least 10,000 carcasses from Russia, where a million reindeer roam in Siberia.

Reindeer is common on menus across Scandinavia, Britain has taken a little longer to get used to the idea. German supermarkets stock their shelves with reindeer steaks and they sell out within a week. The meat supplier Kezie offers reindeer all year round, selling everything from reindeer sausages and steaks to meatballs and mince.

The reindeer herds in Finland are managed by the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry, with the animals roaming 44,000 square miles - about a third of the country.

FAR, January 2014

Ed Koski
06-02-14, 01:10
I must say that I had no problem in bringing HOME from Finland; packaged SLICED Reindeer Meat - 300 grams, from the Duty Free Store in Helsinki - Vantaa Airport to satisfy our Canadian friend of ours .... I made it thru stating : " He's a Chef and needs it for his Cooking Class ".. The Airport Inspector said he will make an exception.... for this item ...
but I had also brought into country, my Wife's Favorite Cheese - " Juusto Leipä " - it is called =" Cheese Bread " and he really gave me a hard time for bringing this to Canada..... but let me go .... and bringing them into the Country for us to eat. As I kept telling him that it was my wife's favorite dish from her Homeland....