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K-G Molander
02-01-14, 02:30

I have:
Johan Johansson Endtbacka b. 12 Jul 1868 Esse; d. 22 Oct 1936 USA
Anders Alfred Johansson Endtbacka b. 18 Jun 1870 Esse; d. 1 Dec 1911 USA
Anna Lovisa Johansdotter Endtbacka b 23 Dec 1884 Esse; d. 29 Jul 1960 USA

The death data and place is according to Jaska Sarell.

Does anyone know were in USA?

Thank you for any suggestion.

02-01-14, 04:05
From a Family Tree on Ancestry.com

Anna Lovisa Johansdotter Endtbacka
Birth 23 Dec 1884 in Esse parish, Vasa province, Finland
Death 29 Jul 1960 in Ashland, Wisconsin, United States

June Pelo
02-01-14, 15:16
Anna Johnson (Anna Lovisa Johansdotter) was married to Hugo Alexander Leandersson Saukko-Tast, b. 20 Feb 1882, Nedervetil. I have some data about Hugo and Anna's children: There were 4 born between 1908- 1926. Their names..Hjalmar, Leonard, Lorraine and Paul. Lorraine died in Phoenix and Paul died in Ashland.

K-G Molander
02-01-14, 17:16
Thank you guys; you are great!

Because of your help, I discovered this; a WW1 draft card.

Hope the link works.