View Full Version : Found more new relatives!

June Pelo
02-01-14, 20:36
Just heard from a cousin named Niemi who lives near Virginia, MN. He said he stopped by the Iron Range Historical Society recently and they showed him a photo, entitled Niemi Girls, they had received from someone in WI who was searching for family data. She had found the photo and sent it to the Iron Range Society to see if they could help. The Niemi girls are cousins of my cousin Adrian! He contacted the woman in WI and she sent him some of her data... and it just so happens that the names she sent are from my maternal grandfather's family! I haven't had a chance yet to study the data, but I recognize the names and they are part of my family. Some of you former Finngeners will recognize names such as Keisari, Torp, Virkkala, etc. Adrian has taken data from my family books, plus from the Caino-Torp book, plus from his own family and prepared a huge chart which shows how all the names are connected.. great job..