View Full Version : Finnish Women Group Photo

08-09-03, 01:55
I know this is a long shot but thought I would post this photo and see if one day someone might recognize somebody in the photo.

The woman sitting on the far right in the front row is my paternal grandmother, Silla Maria Karlsdr Viitala. She was born 1881 in Lohtaja.

The woman standing in the back row on the far right I suspect might be her mother, Brita Sofia Johansdr Viitala, b.1847.

I believe the photo was taken in Lohtaja around 1900 just before my grandmother got married. Once married, she lived in Kokkola where her husband was a policeman before emigrating to the US. It could possibly be taken there.

There's no writing on the back of the photo so I'm hoping one day someone will recognize some of the ladies.