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Gunnar Damström
23-02-04, 23:57
We have received an inquiry from a person in Sweden who is very ill and would like information about a relative whose name is Einar Albert Engström, born February 4, 1893 in Härnösand, Sweden. His parents came originally from Övermark, Finland. He traveled to the US three times, the last time in October 1920. In 1921 he lived in Milwaukee, WI; later he moved to New York where he died in the time period 1930-1935.

Gunnar Damstrom

24-02-04, 00:40
Einar Albert Engstrom showed up at Ellis Island going to NY first in 1910. He traveled from Glasgow, Scotland aboard Caledonia arriving March 7, 1910. His destination was Stewart's Point, Sonoma County, California. His aunt paid for the ticket.

Next travel to NY was in 1914. He traveled from Southhampton, England aboard Olympic arriving June 17, 1914. His destination was Stewart's Point, Sonoma County, California. His cousin John Prest [spelling?] paid for the ticket.

Stewart's Point is an isolated small town on the Pacific Ocean and located in a county without a Swedish language church. Mendocino County, north of Sonoma County, also has no Swedish language churches.

I did not find any travel information at Ellis Island for a journey in 1920 under the name of Einar Engstrom.


24-02-04, 04:02
K-G Olin in Guld och Röda Skogar lists one Arthur Engström from Stewart's Point, Sonoma, CA care of Miller Ridge. Finska Amerikanaren 18.1.1917.
Kg also lists one John Prest donated to the collection to build a Swedish Finnish Lutheran Church in Stewart's Point, Sonoma CA.
He also lists Gust Prest at the same location in 1917, as well as a Prest family, mentioned in Stewart's Point, who were in the timber business. FA 5.8.1909
I have to recommend K-G Olin's books to anyone looking for names of Swedish Finns. They are remarkable for the depth of research he has done.

24-02-04, 22:50
I have contact with the man who want this information. Additionally I can tell that Einar Albert moved from Milwaukee to New York and got an exam as electrical engineer. He died young, maybe around 1935, but I have also heard around 1960. He also called himself Anderson, that won't make it easier to look for him in indexes!

His father was born in Vörå, and had also the name Skott (Skått), easy to translate to English, to make it even more difficult to trace him.

He may have had wife and children when he died, of course it is contact with any living descendant that is the most interesting part!

He stayed for a while with a brother, John Alfred Engstrom, in Sonoma Co, California. He also had a brother Karl Johan who emigrated to the US. One of the brothers, I don't know who, lived in Canada, working in a mine and was married to a girl working at the Reader's Digest. They visited Sweden once, and had long ago met the brother Einar in New York.

Any clue will be important!
Thank you

24-02-04, 23:47
I looked at #238, Augustana Lutheran in Milwaukee but I did not find him there.


25-02-04, 12:59
Hi Gunnar,
The Heritage Quest Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census cd shows both of the following men at CA, Sonoma, Salt Point Twp T624 109 part 2 page 154 A
PREST Issace age 50 b. Fin
ENGSTRAN Affred age 20 b. Fin
Perhaps if Einar was still visiting and as he would be younger than Alfred he may also appear on the census image although he is not listed on this index.