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June Pelo
31-01-14, 18:36
I have a query as follows... I'm trying to get more info. but here is the basic request. Does anyone have any info. about them?

My grandmother's name was Anastasia Virtinen and my grandfather's name was Jalmar Hakkinen. They lived in Seattle, WA and my Dad's name was Leo Jay Hakkinen, changed to Hackinen. I'm trying to find any information about relatives in Finland.

Karen Norwillo
31-01-14, 22:36
I found two WWI Draft cards for a Jalmer Hakkinen, one in MN, the other in WA. One born 24 Mar 1890 in Kangasniemi, Mikkala, the other on 12 May 1893 in St Michael (Mikkili). I found a marriage in King county WA for Jalmer Hakkinen and Nanny Wirta 24 Jun 1918. Possibly Anastasia used Nanny or Nan. Also found a return to US on Sep 1925 of Jalmer, Nanny and Leo, age 4, after a trip to Finland. Says his father H Hakkinen in Kalvitsa, Finland. Kalvitsa near Kangasniemi and Mikkili.

June Pelo
01-02-14, 02:07
Thanks, Karen. I'm still waiting to hear from them with more details about dates, places, etc.

01-02-14, 05:40
1928 Petition for Naturalization; Hjalmar Hakkinen, born 12.5.1893, St. Michell, Finland; Longshoreman, 1008 James Street, Seattle, WA; wife Nanny, born 18.12.1895, Virrat; son Leo, born 6.4.1920, Seattle. Hjalmar Hakkinen emigrated 20.10.1910 on the vessel Majestic.

1910 SS Majestic Passenger List, Hjalmar Hakkinen, age 17, born Mikkeli; father Heikki Hakkinen, Mikkeli; going to Winona, MI

Nanni Aleksantra, 1895 Virrat Birth Record

Virrat Rippikirja, 1898-1907, Wirtai Ala Ilomäki Niemo; Santeri Hermaninpoika, born 25.2.1852; wife Miina Riikantr, born 26.5.1858; son Emeli, born 1.4.1883 (to America in 1906); daughter Nanni Aleksantra, born 18.12.1895

01-02-14, 05:58
1912 SS Victorian Passenger List; Nanni Niemo, age 17, born Wirrat; mother M. Niemo, Wirrat; going to Ishpeming, MI

June Pelo
01-02-14, 16:05
Thanks, Alan. I'm still waiting to hear from them.. :(

Jorma Penttinen
18-02-14, 14:07
Hi June, I found your relatives in Finland and I got information about Hjalmar's parents and siblings. I will sent you a private message.