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Jan Persson
24-02-04, 19:16
Hi friends,
As a new member in this forum, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jan Persson and I am recently retired after 40 years in the Swedish computer industry in companies like ITT, Ericsson, Nokia, ICL and finally Wyse Technology. I am married with Ludmila from the Czech Republic and I have three groan up children. My main interest is genealogy and I have over 13 000 names in my computer. Most from the south of Sweden from where I come and some from the Czech Republic and some more from the island Åland between Sweden and Finland. For the moment I an concentrating to expand my research from Åland. My wife and I are living in Sollentuna just outside Stockholm and beside genealogy I like to take care of the house and garden.
One of the reason why I have continued with genealogy is the very positive response I have meet from colleagues and all the new contacts with both close and distant relatives that I have found after starting genealogy.
For this forum I hope to be able to contribute by helping to find people from the county of Jomala in Åland. I have more than 1 000 names and I also have some microfiche cards covering Jomala. In Jomala my son has a house built late 1870th and it is still in the same shape. If you are interested you can visit his homepage and take part of the reconstruction of this old house named Karlas or Karlasgården. http://hem.passagen.se/karlas/historia.html
If you have any questions where I hopefully can be of any help, please contact me via this forum or direct to my mail address.
Friendly Jan Persson

24-02-04, 20:24
Welcome, Jan!

Maybe you can compare notes with Ingemar Ekman, a fellow Finlander, as he also has interest in Ålanders.

Ingemar Ekman
27-02-04, 00:10
Hej Jan,
I am glad that you have joined the Finlander forum. We have same main interest. My great-grandmother is from Jomala. Your genealogy research has many connection to the same surnames and individuals as in the Talko database ( Linsén, Junell, Höckert and more). Your son’s homepage about the old house Karla and the family photos is interesting to follow and gain an insight into the old time.

27-02-04, 01:02
And Welcome!
I enjoy finding out more about Aland (no Swedish alpha?). Isn't it Anna Lena Lundberg who has written such wonderful novels about the seagoing Swedish Finns? She also wrote a very short biography of her grandfather, called "Vackra Alen" which I keep promising myself to translate. He travelled the US, with one stop among many in Seattle, my home town.

29-02-04, 11:10
Glad you are with us!

Welcome on board!


01-03-04, 05:11
Welcome Jan and thanks for the website of your son in Åland. It's always interesting to see different methods of remodeling a house.
I sent the url of the website of my son in Colorado because he has a 48 Ford 8n tractor and I think your son's is a Ferguson. Hmm, discussing tractors on a gen website? What is happening here!
Oh, I am always on the lookout for names from Åland when I am searching at Swenson.

Syrene: press alt key and while holding that key, you press 1 4 3 digits on the number pad and you get Å while for lower case, it is alt 1 3 4 = å :)


01-03-04, 07:06
Thanks, Chuck.
I should put a post-it with all 6 letters near the computer. So lazy! Once the International keyboard was loaded into Windows, I keep expecting to see it on every website!

01-03-04, 08:26
alt 129 = ü
alt 132 = ä
alt 130 = é
alt 148 = ö
alt 153 = Ö
alt 134 = å
alt 143 = Å

I just added the last two to make the list complete and I believe this is the list so if there are some upper case characters that ought to be added, let me know and I will edit this posting.


01-03-04, 18:32
Hi back,
This is great. Finally got that post it up. Although the umlaut u is less usable than an umlaut A???

01-03-04, 18:51
Hi Syrene,
I wasn't sure if it was needed so I put it in. I look at the immigrant ships listings once in a while and it surprises me to find notes at the end of the listing telling us that there were unlauts here and there when somebody ought to have been aware of how special characters can be formed. Oh well, I was lucky to have this great windows 3.0 manual, printed manual, which lists special characters. Hmm, if you are ever writing something in Turkish, alt 128 Ç is rather useful and there are also other versions of the coding so if anybody requires other specials, let me know.
Oh yes, alt 155 £ is a good one:)

01-03-04, 19:43
Right you are. Your sense of humor makes me smile on a morning that's quite gray.

Tracy Boeldt
01-03-04, 22:31
Thanks Chuck for the two new codes and you are right Syrene about humor on a gray day!!!

Jackie Sahlin
28-07-04, 23:10
I am a new member also. I noticed that you live in Sollentuna. We have spent time in Stockholm many times. I don't know if you have heard the name Lori Lindahl. Several years ago she was head of the Stockholm landsting..a cousin of ours and her husband is Dr. Torsten Lindahl lives in Hasselby. I am very interested in Aland Is. I just love it there. My grandmother was from Saltvik Ida Mathilda Olander. Her uncle was president of a bank in Mariehamn in the 1880's and his picture was on the wall in an office at the bank. He has a large monument in the cemetary in Marieh. I was able to see records at the prasthus in Saltvik. That pastor about 15 years ago would not send the records to the archives in Marieh. However I did not further search my grandmother's father who came from Jamala. I remember walking down the long road to the Prasthus in Jam. I have copies made from some of the records in Saltvik. Perhaps I will send you my greatgrandfathers name in Jamala. I also saw the house where the bank Pres. had lived and I also saw the property where my grandmother lived..a new house was built there. I have been there many times Aland is a very old island. I always wondered if her family had lived there for generations. She always said she was Swedish. I met men who were in the shipping business and they would travel to the great lakes in the U.S.A. That is a fascinating island to me. It is quite a vacation spot. I hope you find research interesting. Jackie