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K-G Molander
12-02-14, 22:17

See attached news article, about a collaboration to preserve vital record.

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June Pelo
13-02-14, 03:35
Interesting to note that:
“Record keeping didn’t start until the 1500s.“ About 28 billion people have lived on the earth from A.D. 1500 to now.”

Of those, only about 4 billion have been linked and preserved in family trees accessible on the Internet, leaving about 24 billion people who still need to be identified and linked online to complete the family tree of mankind, as the chart reflects.

But collaborating with the commercial genealogy organizations will help. They will create broader online access to much of the Church’s genealogical records through their websites to more people globally, and their contributions will create better experiences for FamilySearch.org patrons and help expedite the monumental effort to index and digitally preserve the world’s historic records, Brother Nauta said.

For example FindMyPast, based in Venice, California, has about 1.6 billion records globally, with about 850 million from the United States, and has 18 million subscribers around the world.

MyHeritage, based in Or Yehuda, near Tel Aviv, Israel, has more than 75 million users worldwide and has more than 4 billion records in its database and more than 27 million family trees and 163 million photos on its website.

Ancestry.com, according to a recent news release announcing its collaboration with FamilySearch, is the world’s largest online family history resource, with approximately 2.7 million paying subscribers across all its websites. More than 12 billion records have been added to the Ancestry.com sites, and users have created more than 55 million family trees containing more than 5 billion profiles.